Kansas Department of Health and Environment: Kansas Information for Communities


FastStats are statistical tables from Kansas Department of Health and Environment or other agencies on topics such as population, vital statistics, health care workforce, preventable hospitalizations. This information can be used in community health assessments or other purposes.

Fast Stats Selected Annual Tables

Twenty-five selected tables of vital statistics information available by county.

Life Expectancy by Census Tract

"Life expectancy estimates - or the average number of years a person can expect to live - in each Kansas census tract."

Behavioural Risk Factor Surveillance Survey

BRFSS estimates for the 62 largest Kansas counties and regional estimates for the 43 smaller counties. Data tables, mapping and comparisons are possible with this component.

Kansas Health Matters - County Profiles

For county summary data, see Kansas Health Matters, the newest source for health assessment information for your county.

Kansas Legislative Profiles

Legislative Profiles are no longer being produced.

Health Care Professional Reports

Review reports and data on the number of health professionals that work in Kansas.

Communities That Care

Convenience survey of 6th, 8th, 10th, and 12th graders state-wide, with a participation rate of about 60%.

U.S. Census Bureau Quick Facts - Kansas

Census 2010 information as well as results from bureau estimates and surveys.

U.S. Department of Agriculture Quick Stats

2012 Agricultural Census Program data for Kansas, includes number of farms, sold commodity values, etc.., at the county level.

Kansas Department of Education (K-12 Reports)

Provides custom school-year K-12 Education reports by county, district, and school.

Kansas Rural Health Works - Kansas State University

Published "Importance of the Health Care Sector to the Economy" reports for each Kansas county.

Kansas Statistical Abstract - University of Kansas

Compilation of a wide range of Kansas County statistics, prepared by University of Kansas Institute for Policy & Social Research.

Kansas County IRS Migration Profile

Generates a migration profile with data regarding movement into and out of the chosen county based on tracking movement reflected in 2008-2009 IRS tax returns.

County Health Rankings for Kansas

The rankings use county level data available from national sources to rank counties within a state based on certain criteria.

Toxic Release Inventory - Kansas Counties

Listing of toxic chemicals that are emitted to the air or water, or placed in some type of land disposal.